It is very important that children at William Davis come to school every day in the correct school uniform; it shows that our children understand the importance of following our school rules and policies.  Please make sure your child is always in the correct uniform. Here is a link to the school letter about uniform.


Boys Girls
Blue trousers Blue skirt/trousers/pinafore dress
White polo shirt White polo shirt
Summer – yellow gingham dress
Yellow sweatshirt with logo Yellow sweatshirt/Cardigan with logo

Please can you make sure that the children’s school uniform has their name on the label. You can use an ordinary biro on the white ‘size’ labels. If children wear boots to school they need to bring ordinary shoes to wear when they are indoors. Boots should be left by the child’s peg.

PE  kit:

Children are expected to bring PE kit for their PE lessons. We suggest that they bring their PE kit on Mondays and take it home on Fridays to be washed.


PE: Boys PE: Girls
Shorts (above the knee) Shorts (above the knee)
T-shirt T-shirt
 Plimsolls Plimsolls


Boys Girls
Swimming trunks (not shorts) Swimming costume
Swimming hat Swimming hat
 Towel Towel


Please label all items of school uniform. This can be done with a biro on the label of each item of clothing.

NO jewellery can be worn for P.E. This includes all types of earrings.