In Nursery and Reception we highly value parent and carer contributions from home.  We use this information to build a picture of each individual child and it contributes to our half termly assessments.

In Nursery and Reception children take home their Learning Journey at the end of each half term with their Family Homework activity sheet.  Parents and carers are asked to carry out an activity with their child and record it in their Learning Journey.  Once a term we also send the Learning Journey’s home with post it notes and a pencil and ask parents to write any comments they feel are relevant about their child’s learning and include them in their book. Nursery children are given homework on a Friday when the class teacher feels they would benefit from extra practice in a particular area such as learning to write their name or recognising particular numbers.  Reception children take a reading book that is appropriate for their reading ability home on a Friday to read over the weekend with a family member.  Nursery children can take home a picture book of their choosing once a week but more often if they wish to read with a family member.


Year 1 and 2 take a reading book at the appropriate reading ability home every day or when they have finished the book if reading longer novels.  They are expected to read to a family member and then discuss what they have read.

Year 1 and 2 take English homework on a Friday.  They may choose from a selection which are linked to reading comprehension skills and is to be completed in conjunction with the reading book they have chosen to take home.  This is brought back to school on Monday.

Year 1 and 2 take Maths homework on a Friday.  Maths homework is linked to that week’s Maths unit and may be differentiated to meet the ability level of the child.  This is to be brought back to school on Monday.

Occasionally the class teacher may send extra pieces of homework linked to other subject areas such as History or Geography and these will provide an introduction to a lesson later on in the week.

All homework is to be completed with the support of a family member with the emphasis being on talking through the task and building up vocabulary that will support learning in lessons at school.