Below is a copy of our Home – School Agreement. You can download the Home-School Agreement here.


Our vision

The children at William Davis are at the centre of everything that we say and do.

Staff, governors and the whole school community are working hard to make sure that all children who attend William Davis:

  • Enjoy learning, have the ambition to achieve and know why this is important
  • Have the confidence to take opportunities offered to them
  • Embrace all aspects of school life with enthusiasm
  • Are supported by each and every member of staff and their parents/carers
  • Are valued as individuals and as an important part of the whole school community.
  • They respect each other and see themselves as equals.
  • Know right from wrong.
  • Look forward to the next phase of their education and leave William Davis as confident individuals.

For each and every member of the William Davis school community our motto is ‘To be the best you can be’.

Standard of Education

At William Davis we aim to ensure that every child is taught so that he or she reaches the highest possible levels of achievement. We aim to provide a secure and stimulating learning environment based on self-discipline and mutual respect.

We teach a wide range of subjects as required by the National Curriculum. We plan carefully, so that children can build on their own experiences to develop lively, enquiring minds and can develop the confidence to explore physical and artistic activities. We have before and after-school clubs that offer children extra-curricular activities.

Ethos of the school

We aim to work in genuine partnership with parents, whom we recognise and respect as the child’s first educators. We work together as a school community, to become independent, co-operative and life-long learners. We encourage children to learn from the communities in which they live, and to consider their own contribution to a changing and interdependent world.

Attendance and Punctuality

Regular and punctual attendance is vital to children’s achievement at school. Parents are expected to inform the school of any absences or lateness at the earliest opportunity. Administration staff are responsible for making enquiries if a child is absent without notification. Parents are not allowed to plan holidays in term time. The school adheres to the school Attendance and  Punctuality Policy as well as the Penalty Notice Scheme (Sept 2012).

Discipline and Behaviour

The example set by teachers and their high expectations create a positive and secure environment. We expect children and adults to be polite to each other. We respect children and expect them to respect each other. Children in all classes elect representatives to the School Council where they can raise issues that are worrying them, or make suggestions to improve school life.

When children behave well we praise and encourage them. If there is a problem, we discuss it with them and encourage children to discuss it with each other, so they are actively involved in improving behaviour. If unacceptable behaviour persists, we invite parents to work with the child and teacher in order to discuss and implement strategies for improvement.


At William Davis we believe children learn best when parents and teachers work together. Please support children with homework by talking to them about their learning and supporting them with their homework, daily reading and learning of key facts (number bonds, times tables, high frequency words).

We also expect families to complete family homework once a half term which is collaborative  hands on learning.


Children are expected to wear school uniform at all times; and bring the school PE kit in on appropriate days. Please see the school website or speak to a member of the office staff for more details.

Travel to School

At William Davis we know that walking or cycling to school is the healthiest option and it is the best for the environment. We encourage parents to walk to school if they live locally; and use public transport or park and stride if they live further away.

Code of Conduct

We strive to follow this agreed code of conduct:

Conduct in the school building

All pupils and adults are considerate, polite and respectful to each other at all times.

All pupils and adults walk quietly around the building and in class.

All pupils and adults show respect and care for all equipment and resources used in class at all times.

All pupils listen at all times to adults working in the school.

All pupils and adults use quiet voices throughout the school at all times.

Conduct in the playground

All pupils and adults listen to adults and each other respectfully at all times.

All pupils use the playground area safely and responsibly.  No game should involve chasing or physical contact with each other at any time.

All pupils and adults look after playground equipment and put it away after use.

Older children are encouraged to play responsibly and respectfully with younger children.

All pupils take care not to disturb other pupils’ games.

Conduct in Clubs

All pupils listen respectfully and carefully to adults at all times.

Children must ask an adult if they may use the toilet.

Information and Communication

There is a parent’s information board by the entrance which is maintained by the Home School Liaison Officer. In addition, there is a weekly school newsletter, to let parents know about curriculum developments and other news.

There are 3 parents meetings a year. During these, the child’s progress and targets are discussed. However, parents are encouraged to make additional appointments with class teachers or the Headteacher to discuss their child’s progress or address any other concerns, should an additional need arise.

Complaints Procedure

At William Davis, we are very willing to spend time with parents and children to resolve educational concerns. Parents have the right to complain in writing to the Governing body or to the Chief Education Officer if they are not satisfied with the school’s response. Please see the website or a member of office staff for The Complaints Policy.



This is a government initiative, supported by the school, whose intention is to strengthen the partnership between parents, children and the staff of the school.  During parent’s evenings this term, class teachers will ask all parents to sign home / school agreements.

The main points of this agreement are the following:

  1. provide a broad, balanced curriculum
  2. provide a calm, safe and secure environment in which children can learn
  3. provide homework, including reading, every day
  4. meet with parents formally once a term to discuss each child’s progress
  5. provide an annual written report on each child’s progress

Parents agree to:

  1. ensure that no leave or holidays are taken in term time during the period from Nursery to Year 6
  2. ensure that their child attends school punctually every day
  3. Inform the school immediately if their child is sick or has an appointment etc.
  4. support their child at home in doing homework and reading
  5. ensure that their child always wears school uniform and has appropriate PE kit in school on the relevant days
  6. attend parents evening appointment each term

I accept that my child cannot wear any jewellery for P.E. and that this includes stud or any type of earrings

I agree to support my child………….   and the school, by adhering to my part of the agreement

Parents signature………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Class teacher signature……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

We have a Permissions form for using photographs of your children for publicity. You can download the photographs permissions form here.

We have an Equality of Opportunities letter. You can download the Equality of Opportunities letter here.

This policy was approved by Governors May 2016
Next review date May 2019