The school lettings, charging and subsidy policy will be reviewed annually.


The Governors have a policy of not letting the school premises for commercial use.  The school is used for activities before and after the school day, but these are managed and staffed by the school for its pupils and the school community.  The school may be requisitioned for use as a polling station, in accordance with the Representation of Peoples Act 1983, and the school will seek re-imbursement for any additional costs incurred.

Charging and Subsidy

It is the aim of this school to maintain the right of all children to a free school education and to establish that the activities offered to pupils wholly or mainly during normal teaching time should be available to all pupils regardless of their parents/carers ability to pay.   The Governors have a policy of deploying a proportion of the delegated budget to subsidise and support what they acknowledge as an invaluable part of a child’s education.

There may, however, be occasions when, to enable activities to go ahead, the school will invite voluntary contributions towards the cost of an activity which takes place during or outside school hours.  The contribution must be genuinely voluntary, and the pupils of parents who are unable to contribute will not be discriminated against.

  1. Educational day visits

If an educational visit occurs during school time, the school will invite voluntary contributions from parents towards costs.  It has been the policy of William Davis School to assist parents and often subsidise these trips to ensure that the cost remains reasonable.

2. Residential visits during term time

A contribution towards the cost of residential visits will be requested.

3. Breakfast Club

William Davis School operates a breakfast club. The Rise and Shine breakfast Club is recognised as an important facility and is provided free of charge.

4. After school activities

The school provides a range of on-site after school activities, they are recognised as an important facility and are consequently provided free of charge. There is one exception: Arabic classes are provided at a cost of £2.50 per session per child.

5. Damage to or loss of school property

The school recognises that there will be occasional accidental loss, or damage to school property.  However, the school will seek to recoup losses from parents where pupils have deliberately and wilfully damaged or stolen school property. The school will charge £5.00 for lost or damaged school books.

6. EYFS perishables 

Parents in the EYFS are asked for a voluntary contribution of £3.00 in order to cover incidental purchases of materials and food to support the curriculum.

7. Recorders

Parents of children are asked for a voluntary contribution of £3.00 if children want to keep the recorder bought for their school recorder lesson.

This policy was approved by Governors October 2016
Next review date October 2017