Religious Education is a vital part of our children’s education and it is also a legal requirement for it to be taught. Unlike other National Curriculum subjects, the specific requirements for the teaching of RE are decided upon locally. This is to ensure that the RE topics that are taught reflect the local population. This is why you may find some variations in what is taught from borough to borough.

At William Davis, we use the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Religious Education Syllabus Units (LBTH RE Syllabus) which has a primary focus on the teaching of Christianity and then Islam.  Other religions which are taught about are: Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism & Humanism.

Through these units, children are able to explore religion through a range of different & exciting cross-curricular methods which enable our pupils to learn ABOUT religion (Attainment Target 1) and also FROM religion (Attainment Target 2).

Each year, children will take part in a visit to a religious place of worship which means that by the end of Year 6, they should have visited a church, a mosque, a synagogue, a mandir, a gurdwara and a Buddhist temple. These trips are a vital part of our children’s RE education and ensure that children are exposed to a number of different religions and their followers first-hand.  Trips usually include a tour of the place of worship, a Q&A session and sometimes even a live demonstration of a religious act of worship or a workshop.

From time to time, we also invite in members of the local religious community to come and speak to the children during assembly times e.g. at harvest time or during advent and also during classroom sessions in order to bring a unit to life e.g. we invited a Muslim man in to talk about his personal pilgrimage to Mecca in order to perform ‘Hajj’ whilst Year 5 were studying the topic.

Throughout the year we also run a number of religiously-themed assemblies to supplement the curriculum or to expose children to faiths, beliefs and festivals that are not included in our scheme of work e.g. Chinese New Year, Advent, Ramadan & Eid etc.

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