Early Years Foundation Stage covers Nursery and Reception.

At William Davis we provide a language rich environment both indoors and outdoors that stimulates discussion through adult interaction and amongst peers and helps to develop good social and communication skills.  We do this by linking the different areas of learning in the indoor and outdoor classroom through our fortnightly class text and our half termly topic.  We then observe children’s use of their environment and use these observations to plan provision that enables each individual to meet their full potential across all areas of the early year’s curriculum.

Children have opportunities to play by themselves, with their peers and with adults through a play based curriculum.  The skills they learn through their play are supported and extended by two daily adult led carpet sessions covering Maths and English objectives followed by a targeted group session led by the class teacher.  Music has a high profile in the EYFS with children in Nursery and Reception using songs throughout the day to support learning and the transition from one activity to another.  Reception children have a fortnightly Music lesson in the music room focusing on learning to use untuned instruments.  Reception will also have a fortnightly ICT lesson for two terms.

We want children to love learning and to view themselves as successful learners right from the very start of their education and we aim to instill this by encouraging independence, a problem solving attitude and a ‘can do’ way of approaching life. EYFS staff have this ethos at the heart of their practice.

We implement the Statutory Framework of the EYFS and use Development Matters to support the teaching and learning that occurs.

The EYFS curriculum is divided into 7 areas:

PSED – Personal, Social and Emotional Development

CL – Communication and Language

PD – Physical Development

Literacy – Reading and Writing

Mathematical Development

UW – Understanding the World

EAD – Expressive Arts and Design

All children have their own Learning Journey book that they independently create and select work for and this is used to celebrate learning and also as evidence of progression.  This book is sent home at the end of each half term for parents to contribute to. Parent contributions are highly valued as they help us to support each individual child while in school.  We connect with parents by having ‘Stay and Play’ sessions in Nursery, running parent workshops across Reception and Nursery and having end of term parent meetings.