William Davis Primary School Vision Statement

The children at William Davis are at the centre of everything that we say and do.

Our Values:

 Our shared values are at the heart of our approach:

  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Collaboration
  • Commitment
  • Communication
  • Care

Our Vision

Our vision for our children underpins all that we do. As a school community we have thought about the kind of learners  we want our children to be when they leave William Davis:

We want our children to:

  • be confident risk takers, resilient and able to persevere when challenged
  • be passionate, motivated and enthusiastic learners
  • be creative and inquisitive, able to think outside the box
  • be happy and enjoy learning
  • enjoy physical activity and learn healthy habits
  • be independent thinkers and learners who can reflect and evaluate
  • be socially aware, courteous and empathetic
  • be valuable members of the local and global community who understand current issues
  • be able to take responsibility and act as role models; and to know right from wrong
  • be able to treat each other fairly and respectfully
  • have a voice and are able to articulate ideas clearly
  • know how to work hard and know why they need to work hard
  • achieve the academic standards they need to move on to secondary school
  • be well rounded with high standards and expectations in all aspects of life
  • have high aspirations for education and employment; and to be ambitious for the future

We want our children to be children “who never stop asking questions, who value education and work hard’ (parent July 2015)

Our motto for each and every member of the William Davis school community is ‘To be the best you can be’.