Children go to class from 8.50 am The register is taken promptly at 9.00 am. Please ensure that your child arrives on time and is ready to start learning at 9:00 am. Attendance and punctuality is closely monitored by our Attendance Welfare Officer. Download our Penalty letter and notice here.

Attendance Policy:

William Davis Primary School wants all its pupils to attend school 100% of the time.

A child with attendance of less than 95% over a year has a big effect on how the child will make progress through the year. Children who have poor attendance are less likely to make expected progress.

In order for all pupils to attain their best, they are expected to attend regularly and be punctual.  Sessions begin at 8.45 am in the morning and at 1.15 pm in the afternoon.

Parents have a legal duty as defined by the Education Act 1996 to make sure their child attends school regularly and punctually.

Parents must understand that the Local Education Authority does prosecute parents for not sending their children to school.  If the case proceeds to court and parents are found guilty, they could be fined up to £ 2,500 per child, per parent.

They also have a responsibility to ensure their child arrives on time, properly dressed and ready to learn.

Parents should contact the school on the first day and every day after that in person or by telephone. If the school is not informed of the reason for absence the absence is automatically unauthorised.

A medical certificate should be provided for absences in excess of 5 school days.  The school may refer pupils, with parental consent to the School Health Service, or to their GP.

Only the headteacher can authorise absences.

Absence during term time for any reason, other than illness, close family bereavement or religious observance, will not be authorised.  (Tower Hamlets) The AWA will monitor unauthorised absences and may/will follow the Borough’s procedures for extended leave in term time. The Borough’s policy  ‘no leave’ in term time should be agreed and William Davis School and the AWS work together to deter parents from taking their children on holiday during term time. Both the Head teacher and AWA meet with parents prior and/or after parents take their children on holiday to explore the reasons for taking a holiday in  term time and inform parents of consequences. On occasions, the school refers cases to the AWS for close monitoring. 

Unauthorised absence is brought to the attention of the Attendance Welfare Advisor (AWA) during fortnightly inspections of registers and via completed ‘Leave in term time’ forms.

Medical appointments should be made outside school hours.  Where this is not possible the child must show evidence of the appointment to the Headteacher / school secretary.

The Attendance Welfare Advisor (AWA) has regular contact with the school.  She/he discusses attendance concerns with the Headteacher.

The following will happen when your child is out of school and if there is no contact from home:

  • The school will phone home, or write, to request explanation for the absence.
  • If no improvement the AWA will contact the parents, usually in writing or home visit and ask the parent to contact the AWA or the school.
  • If concerns remain the AWA will invite the parents to school to meet with themselves and the Headteacher.  The AWA explains her/his roll and ascertains reasons for absence.  The attendance is then monitored.

William Davis School has a legal responsibility to provide a good education for your children.  If your child misses more than 3 days off school in a year it affects their progress.  Teachers and staff work very hard to make sure your child succeeds.  Please help us to help your child by sending them to school every day.