Our aim is for each member of the school community to attain their highest achievements through a quality curriculum, professional development and a respect for, and a consideration of each other.

We teach children the William Davis Values:

  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Collaboration
  • Commitment
  • Communication
  • Care

We believe that it is through promoting and developing positive behaviour the children will become responsible and fair citizens who value different genders, cultures, races, languages and religions represented in our school and the wider community.

We expect all children to demonstrate the following behaviours:

  •  Be gentle, kind and helpful – don’t hurt anyone or anyone’s feelings
  • Listen – don’t interrupt or ignore
  • Speak nicely to everyone – don’t shout or speak  rudely to anyone
  • Look after property – don’t waste or  damage it
  • Work hard – don’t give up
  • Be honest – always tell the truth
  • Sort out problems calmly by listening to each other and talking it through – don’t shout or lose your temper
  • Walk quietly and safely around the school – don’t run or use loud voices

The above list is displayed in classrooms and around the school with the related Values.


We promote positive behaviour in the following ways:

  • Achievement cards given in assembly
  • Star of the Week Award
  • Golden Book
  • Group points and rewards
  • The Traffic Light system
  • Marbles in the Jar

We deal with inappropriate behaviour using a staged and stepped approach:

Behaviour stages

Stepped approach to behaviour

Appendix 1 Behaviour Support Plan If a child has behavioural needs that need to be managed with additional planning, they will be referred to the Inclusion Lead.

Appendix 2 Physical Restraint Guidance If a child needs physical intervention or restraint please refer to this guidance.

Appendix 3 Refection Sheet to be used by children at Stage 2 or 3

Appendix 4 Stage 3 Record

Appendix 5 Physical Restraint Record

Download appendices 1-5 in pdf format here.